know about God and his presence in your life

Hi friends,

Today i’m gonna share with you about God and his love that  how he loves us, you have to know that God is taking care of you and loving you but you are not able to understand and here him, if you believe that positive energy is exist then i say yes is it in the form of God.

in other words you have to know that the sun is always raise in the morning and refresh our mood wow.. what a great thing is that every morning is beautifully created for us and it is other thing to believing that sun is still shining even we don’t feel its warmth, sometime it is very difficult to believe in God when we are facing problems and temptations in our life because that is the time when we focus on problems not in God it is very tough time to believing in God, but God always watch over us and wants to help us in your difficult time.

Hence what you have to know that in the very difficult time or when everyone may against you then you have to know and believe that God is in your side and taking care of you, you are not apart from him even he is loving you from the womb of your mom where you growing day by day.

So if God is most high in the universe above all things and if you are believing in him then think that who can come against you?

Hence now what you would have to do that just think that God wants you to believe in him and you have to feel that he is always with you wherever you are and wherever you go.



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