What is blog and learn how to earn money online

What is a blog?

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A blog is a kind of site.

Blogs are typically kept up by a person with customary passages

of analysis, portrayals of occasions, or other material, for example,

designs or video. Sections are generally shown backward sequential arrange.

Most Blogs are intuitive, enabling guests to leave comments.

also, even message each other by means of gadgets on the websites and it is

this intelligence that recognizes them from other static.

How to make a blog?

make a blog blog making

blogger.com is the most ideal approaches to make a blog free and profiting by it

Let see how:-

Initially open blogger.com by writing in google and afterward tap on first title about blogger.com

blog creation


In the wake of entering in the blogger.com where you will discover create your blog alternative at that point tap on that


blog create


At that point sign in by your gmail address including your password 


blog blogging

At that point utilize second  choice which has blogger profile alternative in light of the fact that blogger.com is given by google and discovering you in google

profile blog

after doing this you will found display name setting on that you have to write specific name beacuse Blogger display name help you all alone blog, as well as in the remarks you leave on other individuals’ posts. On the off chance that the show name you picked when you joined at no time in the future suits you, you can transform it by altering your Blogger profile, gave your blog isn’t connected to your Google+ profile.

blog display name

In the wake of putting display name you will proceed onward blogging page and after that you should tap on the alternative where you will discovered create new blog

New blog creation

In the wake of tapping on the make new blog alternative you will move to the blog list box where you need to alter you blog title and blog address

blog editing

In the wake of keeping up every single above setting you will specifically proceed onward blogger posts page where you need to demonstrated your display name on the top after that you need to evacuate some data which is on page as I specify by arrows

blogger post

After that you need to tap on new post or in new post alternative which is say underneath

create new post

when you will make much amount of web blogs at that point google comprehend that you can make google adsense represent earning money, for that you need to tap on Earning choice which is on left side beneath the comments option then on the option which is about HOW TO QUALIFY FOR ADSENSE

Blog adsense

After that you need to tap on the alternative which is say on the underneath

adsense for blog

This is all about how to make money and how to attached blogger with adsense for making money after that adsense will give you the form in which you have to fill information about you including your website then in between few hours then will approve your application.

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